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15 July 1987
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Born on Langly AFB in Virginia. Been in this hell hole since I was two. Always was a morbid child growing up. Going to Florida Atlantic University now. I'm now debating what I want to do. Right now my major is Secondary Education of Physics (basically a physics teaching major). But after having watched so many MythBusters episodes, I'm no longer sure. I have a passion for physics. Both Jamie and Adam from the show used to be special effects people for movies. That would be a kick-ass job. Oh well...I'm pretty laid back I guess. I have something of a fetish for socks. I have every type of sock imaginable. Moose socks, monkeys in space socks, rainbow socks, frog socks, and even bubble stockings. What else...I hate stupid people. Ignorance pisses me off beyond all belief. Could be why I hated high school...hm...I'm a total mac geek. Winows and Microsoft in general are the suckers of Satan's cock. I write shitty ass poetry to deal with whatever shit is going on at any given moment. It all sucks, but hey, it's either that or I bottle everything up. A bottle can only hold so much. Dancing in the rain is so much fun, especially at night, at the beach. It's wonderful and everyone should do it. No, no, take that back. That would ruin it, too many people. So stay away. Dont dance in the rain at the beach at night. It's evil...I'm a smoker and yes I know it's bad for you blah blah blah but that's just too god damn bad. What else would you not like to know...Hmm...Nothing else really. Bored yet? Play with my Llama!

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Bisexuality is Real.

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